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As the band bio recalls, Pollens started back in 2008 when Jeff Aaron Bryant and Hanna Benn met at the Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle and decided to start a “droney, mantra-like” band. 

Given, when you go to an art school or attend way too many warehouse shows, it’s normal to start up an experimental drone band. That way, you can showcase the true artist hidden deep inside of yourself.

So this is where the duo was, at first.

Soon, they evolved; adding two more vocalists/instrumentalists, a drummer and a keyboard player, only to really focus their sound toward something much more trendy albeit amazing: Afro-beat.

Yeah, yeah, yeah — they copped The Dirty Projectors style to a tee (especially in terms of infectious female harmonies). But the musical core of Pollens — it’s a thousand times better.

Where The Dirty Projectors overdo it in experimentation is where Pollens backs off, opting instead for subtle textures and the lovely groove-ability of an entrancing rhythmic pulse. 

"Helping Hand"

Pollens House Show I from Pollens on Vimeo.

You may also NAME YOUR PRICE and download Pollens newest, self-titled EP right here:


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